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Everyone has a smartphone. Seriously! Smartphone production and adoption in the global market is surging to the top. More than a want, it has become a necessity. Each day, we see hundreds of glittering new models with the promise of something better entering the market. As the ever expanding industry continues to grow, whether it be in developed or emerging markets, marketers across the world are ready to benefit.


Marketers are utilizing completely new types of content, tactics for outreach, significant data insight, amongst numerous other communication modes. The goal is common, and shared. That of hitting the consumer market with a bang. To continually identify new target markets and expand existing ones.

To Take On The World With A Storm

The aim is to explore what marketers are doing today, to successfully leverage messaging platforms as well as a massive range of newer technologies, such as beacons, that can reach consumers. Marketing today is in itself drastically different from what it was traditionally, and even a decade ago. We will also proceed to analyze what the real time success of these new tactics really means for the industry, and how it can keep on moving forward with innovation. We will be assessing the emerging opportunities in the sphere of mobile marketing.  

Real Time Capabilities

The real time capabilities that location based mobile data has now important, and how it is making ad serving so much more relevant to consumers than we could have ever imagined. Getting to a consumer at the right place and the right moment couldn’t be more important. It means higher engagement, and higher conversion rates.


SMS messaging still remains one of the most pervasive tools which marketers can wield to reach consumers effectively, and in a far more targeted manner than ever before. It may seem basic, but it holds boundless opportunities. In particular, it is even more useful for reaching and engaging with consumers within surfacing markets or in places or areas that are remote enough to not provide ready access to strong, dependable data networks.

Push Notifications

Push notifications on the other hand, are effective but so over used! They are even mis used by marketers and completely push consumers away. No one wants to be bothered by pings every single second of their day! We will also be exploring the proper time and place that exists for push notifications, and how consumers actually perceive this specific mobile marketing tactic.

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