Top 15 Web Development Tools In 2021

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development of websiteWeb development tools are a set of programs that allow web developers to test and debug their code. There are multiple frameworks that are used to develop websites front end and back end.

What tools do web developers use?

The innovation in web development is accelerating exponentially every year. A decade ago it was something that can be achieved or near to impossible. That we will make such useful and complex system applications and online application. But now using the tools we developed it very likely that it will grow much faster now. Web developers use many applications in order to develop such useful software and application. Below are the tools used by developers.

What are web development tools?

You know and use several development tools now, but you gain experience, and the speed at which your industry evolves requires you to be more efficient and more productive with each mission. Below shared web development tools and techniques that will help you and excel.

There are new web development tools in 2021 in the market that need to be discovered.

You need to discover new tools. Here are 15 web development tools list that should help frontend developers reduce their working time and increase their productivity tenfold here.

1: Sublime Text

sublime text with logo

This is one of the very easy web development tools for beginners. Sublime Text features for frontend development perform redundant tasks and allows the developer who spends time coding to increase their productivity.

Among the features it offers:

  1. The autocomplete
  2. The find and replace functionality
  3. The syntax highlighting Customizable or the highlighted text
  4. The automatic backup
  5. Custom keyboard shortcuts
  6. The macro media

Sublime can do much more than what you already know. Extensible, it offers the possibility of importing new features, new themes, adding new languages, etc. And speaking of language, the editor can support around 44 programming languages and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

2 – Bit (GitHub) for component sharing

Github image

Bit (GitHub) is a frontend development tool that helps improve collaboration with your team, maximize code reuse, create more scalable code, and maintain a consistent user interface. It allows for example to:

Isolate components from different repositories, to ensure that you are sharing components that are truly reusable and that are not coupled to your project;

This is the most useful open source web development tools;

Use them in any other project;

Discover building blocks shared by other members of the community.

So, GitHub is a great tool to gradually build a library of modular components. You and your team can browse the library and import a shared component using the “NPM Installer “, modify said component in your local development environment using the “Bit Import “, and if possible, place the modified version of the component in the library.

3 – GitHub Desktop, to control the version of the source code

GitHub Desktop is the desktop graphical tool GitHub to manage Git repositories. Only windows and mac systems are supported. GitHub provides the facility of graphical alternatives to using Git architectures.

GitHub Desktop easily integrates with your GitHub repositories which you can then manage without visiting the website. The GUI tool will be particularly useful to you when reviewing code and browsing the history of a project. Atom is also integrated very well with GitHub Desktop.

4 – Chrome DevTools, for real-time debug

google dev tools logo

Very important when testing your end product in the browser, Chrome DevTools is a built-in tool with Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers. It offers an integrated environment that allows you to:

  1. Make the debug and modify a Web page in real-time;
  2. Edit CSS and DOM live;
  3. Execute custom JavaScript to debug your code at different levels;
  4. Analyze the execution time of functions in order to optimize the execution speed of your applications.

5 – D3.js, for data visualization

JavaScript has a very important library D3.js through which you can read data from many sites. You can make it according to your requirement. So, you can use it to create tailored visuals.

D3.js offers great flexibility with vector graphics and allows the addition of animation and interactivity to graphics. This Web developer’s tools provide a vast range of functions like Dimple that helps in graphic creation. The tool provides a wide range of functions like Dimple which helps to create graphics faster.

6 – Code pen, for Code Playground

Code Pen is a cloud-based development platform through which you can develop and test HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code live. Concretely, it allows you to create and share demos of your work or a snippet of frontend code on several platforms and/or devices.

Using this tool, you can, for example, share snippets or a fully interactive overview of your projects with your peers for feedback or to integrate them into tutorials, guides, etc. You can also use externally hosted resources in your Code Pen demos and projects.

7 – JAWS, for accessibility verification

JAWS is a screen reader that checks the accessibility of your web content. The tool reads your content and assesses the vulnerabilities that may limit access. Web accessibility represents the ability for users of all abilities and disabilities to properly access your web content.

Specifically, JAWS will check for example if your content is accessible to users with a given visual problem or if the content complies with accessibility laws in the countries in which you intend to promote it. Such a tool will be of crucial help to you.

8 – Page Speed ​​Insights, to monitor site speed

Page Speed ​​Insights is a free tool to monitor your site’s page load speed on Google, which is very important for SEO and retention. In order to perform the test, you only need to type the URL.

Both PC and mobile can be used to check the test operations. Page Speed ​​Insights will also give you specific suggestions for action to improve the speed of your site.

9 – Slack, for communication

slack logoSlack is an instant messaging platform based on the cloud that enables the communication between developers on a single medium. It can be integrated with various services. For example, you can integrate Slack with:

  • GitHub, to keep you up to date with the latest repository;
  • Your code tracking tool to alert a specific team member in case a new bug is reported.
  • Chatbots can be created with your own configuration in order to respond to personalized commands.

10 – Browser Stack, for a cross-browser test

Popular with frontend developers, Browser Stack allows you to evaluate the functioning of web applications developed on a wide range of devices and browsers. The tool offers the possibility of selecting “browser-device” combinations and testing their use.

Selenium server is used in browser stack to automate testing for real devices that a placed in multiple locations. When deploying the application, you can for example trigger a series of tests on a predetermined list of devices. Once the tests are complete, you will be able to get screenshots and videos of the tests performed on your dashboard

11 – Adobe Color, to inspire the designer

Formerly known as Kuler, Adobe Color is an app that lets you create, browse, and share color themes, which you can then sync with other Adobe apps.

The use of color being a crucial component of the design, Adobe Color will be a very rich source of inspiration for the frontend developer who wants to discover colors that work well together on their project.

12 – Minify, for faster loading

Minify is an online tool that allows the developer to reduce the total code size of their application before sending it to production. With Minify, you will be able to remove white space, dead code, etc.

As the size of the application code is reduced, you will benefit from faster loading times on browsers.

13 – Babel REPL, to “retro convert”

Babel is a free, open-source JS trans compiler used to convert modern ES code (ECMAScript 2015+) to legacy ES5 JavaScript so that it can be used on older devices.

It will allow you to try out recent additions to ES or certain features that are in certain stages of addition to ECMA. It can also further refine the code, limit file size, etc.

14 – Prettier, for more style

Prettier is a savvy JS code trainer who applies a consistent style by analyzing your code and reprinting it with JS coding best practices.

Even though it has been commonly used in our development environment, it has an online platform where you can refine your code.

15 – Bundle Phobia, to optimize your storage

Bundle Phobia is a web service that will allow you to download a package.json file and view its total size, download time, and the number of dependencies that will be installed from the package.json.

If you have ever doubted the size of your node modules folders, or have once felt the need to know the size of a package.json that will be installed in your device, this is the tool for you.


Undoubtedly, using these tools, the developer or designer guarantees a series of benefits, such as increased productivity, lower incidence of errors in codes and better interfaces, in addition to easily having help in the online forums.

The tools we use can either dramatically improve efficiency or make our work extremely difficult.

Learning new tools that simplify the task management process, make communication with other team members more convenient and provide integration between the tools of the team plays a significant role in the career of developers.

In this post, we’ll walk you through a set of tools that web developers use on a daily basis to manage, analyze, and support their products.

There are literally hundreds of web development tools and resources available to help you with web development and make you a highly productive developer. That’s why we will continue to update this list to keep to date with the latest industry news to stay effective.

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