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solution for digital workplace

What is a digital workplace?

A digital workplace is a strategy for a company that combines all the tools, areas, working methods, traits and skills required to promote employee productivity and customer satisfaction. A strategy for a digital workplace increases productivity through intuitive, user-friendly tools and processes as part of the consumerization of the work environment. These tools can look very different, e.g. B. Mobile devices, collaboration tools, smart digital work-spaces and employee recognition programs.

Why is a digital workplace important?

Digitization always requires technological upgrades and new business processes. But many companies realize that this is not enough to support an agile, committed workforce in today’s changing world of work.

A strategy for a digital workplace promotes the digital success of the workforce, taking into account the working methods, necessary tools, necessary skills, work locations and behavior. From this holistic perspective, companies can promote agility, collaboration and employee involvement.

Why do you need a digital workplace?

The only constant thing in today’s business world is change. Digitization has changed the structure and processes of companies. Cloud services have accelerated this change, while new work patterns such as mobility, freelance work and flatter hierarchies are also changing the future of the world of work .

All companies need to develop the digital skills of the workforce in order to keep pace and maintain a competitive advantage. The digital workplace aims to do just that. Of course, every digital workplace strategy is unique, but a specific combination of tools, ways of working, skills, areas and behaviours is always necessary for success.

Why you need a digital workplace strategy?

The digital job market is huge and full of diverse providers. So how do you choose the right technological platform that meets your requirements? Here are some must-have features for a modern digital workplace platform:

Personalization: Delivering the right content to the right people at the right time to prevent information overload.

Flexible integrations: The platform should integrate all of your existing applications and bring them together in one place to act as a central information hub.

Advanced enterprise search: A centralized search engine to find relevant information that is distributed across all business applications in the shortest possible time.

Scalable and future-proof: The platform should be able to be adapted seamlessly to future needs.

Recommendations: Suggestions for new content based on the employee’s activities, role, interests, and location.

Knowledge mining: Automated functions for content tagging, metadata generation and taxonomy recommendations.

Digital Workplace Strategy:

A well-engineered strategy is the key to successful digital workplace transformation. According to the survey by the Digital Workplace Group, around 44% of companies with a well-developed digital workspace program said the collaboration tools they chose work well.

strategies for digital workplace

Digital workplace strategy can be understood as the dynamic alignment of an organization’s work patterns within the digital work environment to enable peak performance and reduce costs.

Following are the reasons to develop a digital workplace strategy:

Talent attraction: many employees would opt for a lower paying job if they could work out of office, i.e., at home.

Employee performance can enhance through social networks.

Employee satisfaction can be higher by installing and using social media tools internally.

Employee retention is more stable when employee engagement increases.

Newer communication tools, particularly instant messaging, are preferred over more traditional ones like e-mail or team workspaces.

Most of the companies are satisfied with the importance of a digital workplace strategy and they invest money that promise ROI. Sure, to support these outcomes, you need to assure for employee’s tools they need to collaborate, communicate, and connect with each other. Clear road maps should be created to ensure digital workplace with measurable business, deliverable, and minimal risks.

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The Advantages Of The Digital Workplace

digital workplace benefits

  1. Flexible
    Allows you to work anywhere and anytime
  2. Secure
    Access to information and processes will be safer and easier
  3. Uncomplicated
    Knowledge can be shared quickly and easily
  4. Helpful
    You can get support and information from colleagues at any time
  5. Successful
    Increased efficiency and competitive advantages for the company
  6. Goal-oriented
    The focus is on the goals and less on the presence of the employees
  7. Holistic
    All software systems are on one platform
  8. Simple
    Leaner workflows through digital transformation
  9. Social
    Employee commitment and satisfaction are encouraged

Digital Workplace Solution

The digital workplace of companies requires strong solutions because, without a stable Internet connection, employees lose time and motivation. Instead of being able to work productively and efficiently, they become frustrated with slow and inefficient processes.

More and more companies can already offer their workforce good networking at the workplace, as the Intelligent Enterprise Index of the Zebra study 2019 shows. This determines the progress of organizations towards a networked company. According to this, 17% are already Intelligent Enterprises and 61% are well on their way there. However, the shift towards the home office and remote work also requires reliable solutions for at home and on the go. Results of the Flexible Working Study by Deloitte in cooperation with the Universities of Vienna and Graz show that 84% of the 300 companies surveyed use more digital communication tools than before the Covid-19 crisis and over 80% expect more home office in the long term.

solution for digital workplace

In order to have a digital advantage, organizations, therefore, need quick solutions for a networked workplace that is not tied to a location. Magenta Business offers with its mission: digitally ahead, tailor-made solutions for companies and employees in the home office, in remote work, and in the office.

1. 5G Smartphone Tariffs: Work Efficiently And Without Limits

From the self-employed to the managing director of a group, optimal connectivity plays a decisive role in everyday work. Be it customer calls at home and abroad with sufficient free units and a reliable connection. Spontaneous participation in a video conference using mobile communication tools while on the go, without the picture and sound quality suffering. Or answering messengers and social media messages so that the community also feels digitally heard and well advised.

A fast network paired with the latest technology enables unlimited and efficient work for companies of all sizes. Because nowadays a business smartphone is a real IT all-rounder for many tasks that arise in daily business life. Internet page views via smartphones alone have increased from 18% to 44% within the last 5 years.

In addition, the trend is towards digital applications such as accounting apps, which among other things require a high-quality camera on the business cell phone. Webinars and online courses will continue to increase in the future so that a strong network is always and everywhere necessary. And the exchange with colleagues, customers, and business partners will mainly take place via digital communication channels in the near future, as the exploding MS Teams user number suggests from 44 to 75 million in just one month. Since the business smartphone is an important part of a networked workplace, companies are placing increasing emphasis on high-quality hardware and software.

The new 5G smartphone tariffs are tailored to the needs of the digital workplace:

  • High speed on the smartphone with up to 350/50 Mb/s for download and upload
  • VoLTE / Wifi calling for premium voice quality
  • Unlimited data including international free units
  • Well protected with Norton ™ Security

2. Business Combined Offers For Your Office And Home

Since the home office seems to continue to have a strong influence on business life in the future, after the first somewhat improvised home offices, permanent solutions must now be found. It is quite conceivable that at least 2 people per household will work from home. The kindergarten or school may also be closed again. For these and similar situations, the self-employed and employees must be able to rely on a fast and stable network in which several family members can work efficiently at the same time, download something on the laptop and watch a film on the tablet.

Not only has the workplace itself adapted to the new situation, but also the behavior of customers. The Covid-19 measures have changed retail and there is a clear trend towards online shopping, as the consumer survey by the Kearney management consultancy confirms.

It is understandable that especially small and retailers are now opting for the online shop at the latest. And according to Statista, large companies in particular previously had their own website, but now small and medium-sized companies are also following with their own domain for professional websites. Secure access to company networks, servers, customer portals, or the company website is supported by a fixed IP address. Employees from anywhere, in the office, from different locations, from the home office or on a business trip can easily access all required data and documents via the Internet and network administration is made easier.

In order to optimally address the needs of home workers from all industries and company sizes, the business combination offers a reliable solution for your office and home:

  • Fast landline internet with max. 1 gigabit / s and unlimited data volume
  • Your own desired domain and fixed IP address
  • Fixed-line telephony with 2 connections, e.g. for private and professional use
  • Diverse TV package with over 190 channels
  • Cost-saving offer in the first 4 months

3. The Complete Solution For Home Office And Mobile Working

Previously it was mainly sales employees, management consultants, technicians or brokers who had to be mobile and optimally networked due to their fieldwork, but now many other professional and activity fields will also benefit from the digital workplace. In order to be able to fully exploit its potential, a complete package for at home and on the go is particularly good. Working from home in the morning, at work in the afternoon to meet or look after customers, colleagues or partners, and last e-mails in the cafe or co-working space in the evening. Everyday business life becomes more flexible and the faster you can adapt to the work environment, the more efficient and productive your working day will be.

Since not all business tasks can be carried out on the go on a smartphone, a powerful business laptop is one of the most important companions for remote workers. In addition to high-quality hardware, you need fast and efficient business tools in order to optimally complete your own tasks even across borders, to work optimally with colleagues and partners and to be able to access all necessary documents and files.

In order to be able to work safely and quickly from anywhere, a strong network is necessary. Not least because public networks and free W-LAN hotspots cost users because they are not secure enough. In order not to have to ask for the Internet password every time in the coffee house, to have permanently poor reception in the hotel or to have to access sensitive company data from an insecure network, a mobile Internet is worthwhile in the digital workplace.

The Magenta Business complete solution for home office and mobile work is a package that combines hardware, software and networking:

  • High-quality business laptop including Windows 10 Pro
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard (including productivity-enhancing applications such as MS Teams,SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others)
  • Mobile internet box with up to 6 hours of battery life
    unlimited internet
  • Fixed IP address, e.g. for professional network administration

4. The Right Thing For Every Company

The digital workplace impresses with its flexibility and the solutions must be just as flexible. Since a sole proprietorship has different needs than an SME employee, a yoga teacher pursues different goals than an accountant and a corporate boss deals with different activities than an installer, individually customized offers are required. In this way, the individual work time and cost-efficiently from anywhere.

Some offers every company an individual combination of selectable business products for fast and cost-optimized networking:

  • Fixed-line internet with fiber optics, DSL, hybrid or LTE
  • Mobile internet for the office and on the go
  • Cell phone tariffs with unlimited minutes in Austria and the EU, a lot of data volume, roaming free units as required
  • Fixed-line telephony Analog, ISDN, VoIP
  • TV offer with up to 190 digital TV channels

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How does a digital workplace ensure greater satisfaction among employees?

The most crucial goal of a digital workplace strategy is to increase customer satisfaction. But first of all, companies have to increase employee satisfaction. Employees are more willing to collaborate and take on challenging projects if they enjoy working.


Smart workplaces offer the potential for better teamwork, but also freedom with more calm and concentration. Also, immersive workplaces combine digital concepts such as augmented, virtual and mixed reality with other optical, acoustic and haptic elements. In this way, a sense of presence can be created that is similar to the real world, whereby employees can be more closely involved in the virtual space.

Platforms on which employees are involved and systems for recognizing and rewarding employees also increase work morale. AI technologies such as chatbots, virtual assistants, and dialogue-based user interfaces can help people work smarter and more effectively by automating routine tasks. Engines based on machine learning can proactively provide relevant data and recommendations. In addition, tools can use appropriate human resource management algorithms to find employees with the required skills and functions for a particular project.

The combination of these elements enables employees to find their work fulfilling and to work better with colleagues, and generally increases job loyalty.

Conclusion: Solutions For The Digital Workplace

Crises and progress bring many challenges with them, but they also create new opportunities. If the prerequisites for the digital workplace are optimized, companies of every industry and size benefit from its potential. A fast network enables efficient, cross-border and secure work from anywhere, while the latest technologies ensure high performance and productivity. If hardware, software and connectivity come from a single source, organizations benefit in many ways from the cost-optimized and individually tailored advantages of reliable solutions.

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