Black Hat Seo Techniques in 2022

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What is Black Hat SEO?

What is Black Hat SEO? In the search engine optimization (SEO) industryblack hat SEO refers to SEO techniques and tactics that focus solely on search engines, which are aggressive, misleading, and based on deceiving the user.

The content of the prepared page is prepared to mislead search engines, not users, and does not comply with search engine guidelines. Although these techniques are still applied today, most of them do not make sense in terms of SEO. Those who use these techniques, especially seen on websites that want to rise to the top in a short time, are doomed to lose in the long run. Black Hat SEO; Black hat SEO can also be called spam SEO or spamdexing.

Search Engine Penalties

Search engines penalize sites that use inappropriate SEO practices. In particular, Google regularly updates its algorithms to catch users and websites trying to deceive themselves. It makes hundreds of minor changes in a year, apart from major updates made at certain intervals and without prior notice. As a result, it has become commonplace to experience rapid drops and traffic loss on many websites, especially after major updates.

Setting up a website right from the start is the safest and most permanent way, rather than using Black or Gray Hat SEO techniques and misleading tactics.

“While Google relies on its algorithms to evaluate and continually improve search quality, it is also ready to take manual action on sites that use spammy techniques, such as reducing them or even removing them from our search results altogether.” – Matt Cutts.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black hat SEO techniques are unethical, and long-term Google penalties are inevitable. As an SEO, you should know but not apply. Below you can find some of the most commonly used black SEO techniques. Apart from these, there are dozens of different black SEO techniques that are not known.

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Keyword Stuffing

In this technique, the site is filled with keywords. These words may or may not be relevant to the location. This technique, which was widely used in the past, is easily understood by search engines today. However, since it is perceived as Spam, you may be subject to penalties, up to and including expulsion from Google. Therefore, AdSense users especially do this process, don’t do it!

Invisible Text

Again, it is a logical but no longer edible technique invented by vigilant Sewists of the past. It is a technique generally applied by writing words in the same color as the background color of the site in the footer section of the site. If the background is white, the text color is white, so users cannot see these words, but search engine bots index these words.

Bridge Pages

We can call this a parallel site to rank higher in certain queries. Hyperlink pages whose main purpose is to drive traffic to your main site are clearly outlined in Google’s quality guidelines. This technique used to be useful but should not be used now.

Automatically Generated Content

In this technique, it is the reproduction of the same text by changing certain parts of the content of a certain text. These texts are generated programmatically and are intended to deceive search engines rather than benefit visitors. Don’t! Of course, if you know the Markov Chain very well, it is different… Because Google knows it very well

Tiny Text

Although the small text technique is generally an application for images, some apply it by reducing the size of the text on the site so that it is almost invisible. In visuals, the application is used by writing as many words as possible on the alt tag. In this way, it is aimed to attract traffic through images.

Buying Incoming Website Links

The backlink or incoming link is a really important criterion for the ranking of websites. Unfortunately, doing this naturally is a long process. Many SEO Experts or site owners who want to get somewhere as soon as possible prefer to get links with money instead of natural ways. Even in our country, there are hundreds of advertisements in the form of backlink packages. Backlinks are needed, but Google says it must be organic; your content must be satisfying to get organic backlinks. Instead, by purchasing backlink packages, thousands of sites, forums, syntax, and social bookmarking are instantly noticed by Google, and the site is sanctioned.


Hacking (Hacklink) is a growing problem on the internet. Many people do not even realize that their website has been hacked. The hacker somehow accesses the website and gives a link from the site he accessed to his site or the person who rented it. If the hacked site owner does not regularly check his place, he will not realize it.

Hacking or backlink is one of the techniques I see very often done by me. Unfortunately, although Google says that it has made the necessary algorithm updates in this regard, it is very insufficient. Moreover, although there is a section to complain about this problem, they do not pay due attention to the complaints written here.

Using a Similar Domain Name

I’m sure you have sometimes made typos in different ways, such as google or google instead of Google, for example. To turn this into an opportunity, vigilant SEOs try to take advantage of users’ mistakes by buying alternative domain names with a lot of traffic and easy-to-make typos. This may not be a bad thing in the image but may be perceived as opportunism. However, with such transactions, you cannot even guess how many people’s card information was stolen, and their accounts were emptied, especially by copying bank pages.

Spamming on Social Media

Advertising or otherwise misleading spam posts on social media sites. Let’s say you saw an interesting headline about Donald Trump. Then when you click on it, you will see a completely unrelated page.

Black Hat SEO Results

Google Penalties

Google gives users a reference, guide or voucher for what they are looking for. Does he want something to happen to his users because he vouches for a site? To minimize this risk, it regularly checks the websites in its directory and penalizes the sites that come somewhere with misleading, unethical tactics. This punishment comes in two ways.

Automatic Punishment; These are the penalties that the Google algorithm applies to the sites it finds and notices. This is completely automatic. Unfortunately, this is a form of punishment that is not easy to fix, and you may have no choice but to undo the changes and hope the algorithm re-examines your site.

Manual Punishment; Except for the sites that the automatic algorithm finds and punishes, they are the penalties manually reviewed and given by Google employees. The sites that are manually reviewed here are generally the sites reported by others. If there is a problem here, it will be sent to you as a message with the help of Search Console. You must fix the issues and notify Google for reconsideration to remove the manual penalty. You should also explain to them how you solved the problem.

Failure to Rank in Search Results

If the error is low, Google may punish you by not showing your site at the top, no matter what you do. In some cases, 6-7 from the 1st row. You throw it back to the pages and stay there.


Even if Google uses the term Spam, everyone knows it as a blacklist. Blocklisting blocks websites that violate webmaster rules, Spam, or become infected in the Google index. An important difference here is that if a site distributes viruses or trojans, it lists this site in the directory for a certain period and shows it to users. However, when the user tries to access this site via Google, they are greeted with a red warning indicating malware on the site. If the site owner does not solve this problem in a short time, Google will remove this site from its index. If you are blocklisted, you can unsubscribe by taking very urgent steps.

Black Hat SEO Conclusion

Whatever the name, Black hat SEO, Black SEO, Black Hat SEO, Spam SEO is used more often by those looking for a quick return on their website rather than ethical, long-term investments. For this reason, site owners with illegal content often use these techniques. Sites with sample betting, movie, warez content. These sites gain high income and visitors for a certain period of time, then they are either closed or blocked. People who use Black Hat SEO tactics think that exiting search engines is unnecessary.

Another issue, Negative SEO or Anti SEO, is often confused with black hat SEO. Although the applied techniques seem to be common, all of the work done in Negative SEO is done to harm the SEO work of competitor sites, and the goal is to put the competitor back. 

While quick results may sound appealing, it’s important to consider your site’s risks by using these deceptive tactics. Short-term effects can be rewarding, but a long-term penalty can hurt your business indefinitely. Google sets policies and rules to provide a high-quality experience to its users. Although it says it is for users, these rules guarantee its continuity. By violating these policies, you are actually lowering the quality of Google, so Google does not care and can completely remove your website from the search results.

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