Umeed e Noor

Umeed-e-Noor (UEN) is a non-governmental and a Non for profit company (NGO) established in 1995 by a team of individuals devoted to provide special education and rehab for children with numerous impairments.

Umeed-e-Noor (UEN) is a charitable as well as non-government company, signed up under the Voluntary and Social Agencies Ordinance 1961 of the Govt. of Pakistan. UEN was established in 1995, by a group of people looking for a qualitative renovation in the lives of children suffering from physical as well as psychological imperfections. The basic idea was not just to produce a house for the unique kids however to have an understanding in the society concerning their advancement and also requirements. Our basic goal is to supply an atmosphere where they can discover to maximize their possible as well as attain a level of freedom, self-sufficiency and also self-confidence in order to come to be effective participants of culture.

Umeed-e-Noor is an one-of-a-kind centre of excellence situated in Sector H-8/ 1 Islamabad. Since its production i.e. 1995 to date, more than 2 thousand individuals with unique requirements have benefited from the quality solutions of Umeed-e-Noor. UEN has actually gotten an exceptional credibility among parents and stakeholders. We are established to make Umeed-e-Noor a center of all excellent services for the youngsters at the nationwide degree.

In Pakistan, like lots of other countries, disabilities bring about social exclusion and discrimination. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and its recent stats, out of the 200 million people residing in Pakistan, approximated 11-14% are disabled, which is greater than 20 million people. Moreover, out of the overall impaired populace, 90% come from the poor family members and also 60% are literally challenged due to malnutrition or absence of iodine. Either these kids are ignored and not offered with a possibility to overcome their impairment or entirely deserted by their households to die.

The Government of Pakistan (GoP) has yet to act with sentence to support individuals dealing with disabilities. In the lack of state-enforced protection and rehabilitation programs, many NGOs have stepped in to provide solutions to adults and also youngsters with unique demands. While it is felt that far more can and also should be done, nobody is exactly sure where as well as what solutions exist currently, or exactly how well furnished these solution centers are.

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