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For foodies! If you love to cook as well as entertain, Company’s Coming dishes make certain to excite! Started by Jean Paré in 1981, Company’s Coming rapidly ended up being Canada’s biggest author of cookbooks.

Jean Paré (pronounced “jeen PAIR-ee”) grew up understanding that the mix of household, friends and home cooking is the best recipe for a good life. When Jean left residence, she took with her a love of food preparation, lots of household recipes and an appealing need to read recipe books as if they were novels!

When her four kids had all reached school-age child, Jean volunteered to provide the 50th anniversary party of the Vermilion School of Agriculture, currently Lakeland College, in Alberta, Canada. Working out of her residence, Jean prepared a supper for more than 1,000 people, launching a prospering wedding catering operation that continued for over 18 years.

As ask for her recipes increased, Jean was often asked the concern, “Why don’t you write a recipe book?” The magazine of 150 Delicious Squares on April 14, 1981, noted the launching of what would quickly become one of the globe’s most prominent cookbook collection.

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