The Importance of Anchor Text in Back-links

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Link building is an important part of SEO, the more links you have, the better. Each link comes with anchor text. Before we look at the importance of anchor text in backlinks, let look at what anchor text and backlinks are. 

Anchor text is the clickable text you see in a link. According to SEO best practices, your anchor text shouldn’t be generic; instead it should be relevant to the page you’re linking to. The keywords used in the anchor text help search engines determine the topic of the web page. The anchor text plays a role in the ranking you receive from search engines.

Backlinks are links from another website to yours. Lots of backlinks mean your site has good content and thus will be ranked higher. Anchor text for backlinks helps search engines determine relevant keywords webpages should rank for.

Now that that’s clear, we’ll move on to the importance Google and other search engines give to anchor text. Google wants to ensure that the backlinks to your website are natural, meaning they are linking because of the content and not because you paid them.

Exploring anchor text of site backlinks will help you get an idea of what people think of your website, get your competitor’s link building strategy, and help with keyword research.

How do I get backlink anchor text to work with SEO?

Here is how you can make backlink anchor text work with SEO

Make your backlink anchor text diverse.

This means using different types of anchor texts depending on the situation. The more diverse it is, the more natural it looks.

Only use exact keyword matches as a last resort

Though exact match anchor text can boost your website’s ranking, it can be dangerous as well, and you need to know when to use it. When do I use it? Well, it depends on your situation, but exact match anchor text should make up the smallest percentage of your backlink anchor text. That way, when you do use it, it will be more powerful and save you from penalties.

Monitor your backlink profile

There are plenty of tools that help you monitor your backlink profile by showing you the links that are working and the harmful ones. You can stay on top and solve any problem instantly.

Relevancy is important

You cannot improve your rank solely based on the anchor text of your backlinks. Your backlinks need to be SEO friendly, so the relevance between the two pages is more important than the anchor text. Having backlinks from irrelevant or spammy websites will only harm you no matter what the anchor text is.

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